We recently created a PDF pricing guide full of photos, frequently asked questions, clothing & location guides!

Please email; to received our 2022 PRICE GUIDE!!


How do I book you for my concert or private show?

Please email; All concerts, events & festivals are custom designed based on the event timeline, travel + expectations.

Do you travel outside of Alberta?

Yes I love to travel! A travel fee will be added accordingly separate for your package.

Do I have to be local for you to photograph my products for my business?

I have many clients from all over the globe!! You will be responsible for shipping the items out to me and covering the costs to be sent back. I am very lucky to have clients within Nashville, California, Ottawa Ontario and BC to name a few.

Do you create payment plans?

Yes!! Payment plans are only available for our larger or custom packages. We accept all forms of credit card as well!

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